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The German type windows and doors require high accuracy, very good machinery and loyal implementation of all German standards (DIN) and regulations (NORMA) in order to be manufactured.

In SITRA, we design and manufacture our windows and doors using electronic CNC machines (all settings and commands are given by a computer), an angular SCM with 7 axes and a SCM frame assembling machine with 4 axes, which is the heart of the production of German windows and doors. This machinery is unique machines in Greece with a capacity of production of 90 windows and doors per day.

We assemble the fittings of tilt in OMGA benches with laser precision, and, in general, our equipment is among the best equipments in Greece, so that we can manufacture windows and doors with the appropriate German specifications.

The ISO 9001:2000 quality certification following the annual inspection of German Technological Institut "IFT Rosenheim" guarantees a complete production with accuracy in every window and door that is produced.

Our privately owned facilities are located at the 52 km on the national road of Volos - Pelion. Today, we run a plant for the manufacturing of doors and windows and an exhibition space of a total covered area of 1000m2 outside Tsagarada, while we are building a second plant of 3000m2 covered space in 23 acres after Tsagarada, in Mouresi, which will operate in May 2011.

The new high-end plant is of European standards, it has three lines of production, (A-windows 68, 78, 92 mm, B-Shutter line, C-Door line), with production CNC machines of the latest technology and the most advanced ecological (with zero waste) robotic double line of electrostatic coating in Greece.

Our company is included in the Development Act and the NSRF for this investment. New CNC machines and new job openings will be added to our potential.

With this new investment, our company SITRA aims to further improve the quality of the windows and doors we produce, reducing the cost and the production time to better serve our customers.


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