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SITRA Window Testing at ift ROSENHEIM

ift ROSENHEIM is a Technological institute (something like Democritus in Greece) for the measurement of windows and curtain walls in Munich, Germany.
During the 30 years with the accuracy in measurements and its reliability, ift ROSENHEIM has become a benchmark for every reliable window and door manufacturer throughout the world.
CE is mandatory nowadays in every country of the E.U. and it resembles to a passport for a product to be able to be transferred in the E.U. countries. It is, at the same time, a confirmation that the product meets the requirements and the technical specifications of the E.U.

Today, in SITRA, we manufacture windows and doors with CE certification. The measurements that indicate the standards of the windows and doors of SITRA and which are mentioned in the CE certificate have been measured by ift ROSENHEIM, and are among the top ones in Europe.
It is a great honour for us in SITRA that we have been given congratulations on the quality of our windows.

The measurements refer to:

-- Thermal insulation

-- Water permeability

-- Air permeability

-- Resistance to air pressure

-- Mechanical resistance and necessary power for the operation of the handle.

-- Resistance of the varnishes to rain, sun, and expansion of the wood.

The above measurements are necessary and mandatory so that a manufacturer can obtain CE.

Since the 10th of January 2008, we have submitted to ift ROSENHEIM all the information that was required by us, regarding the windows. Specifically, we were asked to provide manufacturing profile, measurements, distances in mm., clamp base, drainage holes, gaskets, glasses, fittings and all the manufacturing designs in auto cut as well as the method and process of coating.

Following the approval that our windows and doors comply with the European specifications, ift ROSENHEIM accepted to measure our windows and our varnishes, ranking SITRA as one of the leading companies in the measurements for the issuing of the CE.


1.    Measurement of pressure (force) EN 13115.  (Photo 1)
This is the force needed by the handle to open the window.
It is not acceptable for someone to have tightened the regulators (provisions) of the sash for better results to air pressure and the handle to be tight. The window is cut if the force exerted on the handle is greater than 5 Nm. SITRA windows require a force of 3.6 Nm to be exerted on the handle, which is quite low. Even an elderly person or a small child has this power.

2.    Measurement of mechanical resistance of the fitting EN 12046. (Photo 2)
At the upper part of the right leaf, a wire rope has been adjusted using a clamp and significant weight is hanging. A pressure of 350N for 60s has been exerted.
The excellent ROTO fittings we are use and the right method of placement passed the test without any problems.
(Requirements fulfilled).

3.    Air pressure test EN 12210. (Photo 3)
At the back part of the window, air pressure has been exerted by a powerful air generator, which, in our case, exceeded 3000Pa!
Classification according to EN12210 = Class C5/B! (The highest rating)

4.    Water permeability test EN12208. (Photo 4)
The Window was showered with 480 liters of water. There is no rain with such a quantity of water, but E.U. and German norms require this quantity of water in order to issue CE. At the same time, the air pressure was rising. Small papers like blotters were placed at sensitive parts of the window which were not even wet up to 600Pa of air pressure.
Classification according to EN12208 = Class 6A!

5.    Air permeability test EN12207
High air pressure was exerted gradually to the window from its external side and a measurement was conducted using an instrument from the internal side to see if and when the air would pass.
Classification according to EN12207 = Class 4!
(The highest raking)

6.    Varnish test. (Photo No5)
In a special room for the conduction of the tests, all the samples of the woods that have been coated with different varnishes were placed. During 1.000 hours, the varnishes underwent every half an hour gradually rain, strong UV radiation, dryness and calm. At 500, hours the woods are engraved and the impregnation and the adhesion of the varnishes with the wood is measured.


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