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CE Certification
If you do a market research in order to choose the windows and doors you will place in your house, you will encounter a big variety as far as quality, technical characteristics, performance and, of course, prices are concerned.

The best choice is the one that will combine the best characteristics in performance with an excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Quality is an element, which is easily distinguished by comparing various windows and doors during the market research. The price is also easily comparablel; however, the consumer could not be sure of the performance of a windows or door until recently in various sectors.

For this reason, since 01/02/2010, according to EUís Community Directive 89/106 and the harmonized standard EN 14351-1, windows and doors manufacturers should place the CE marking on their products or the package or the commercial accompanying documents, as well as the respective Statement of Conformity

CE  = ConfÔrmité Européene  (European Conformity).

In order to provide CE certification to its customers, a company should have made measurements of its products in certified laboratories with which it guarantees a minimum performance rate to its customers.

SITRA has made these measurements in the top Institute for the measurement of windows and curtain walls ift RÔsenheim in Munich, Germany, and provides us with CE since 2008, long before this became mandatory, so that you can compare the windows and doors in the market with each other and so that you can reach a conclusion as per which is the best bargain for you.

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