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Windows and doors design

A very important element for the functionality of the house you are constructing is the provision of the creation of openings according to your needs.
You must initially calculate that the final dimensions of the window or door will be considerably smaller than the opening of the wall.

In rooms with a beautiful view, sliding windows should be placed, e.g. Hebe Schiebe type that have a few framings and do not hamper visibility.
For windows that lead to terraces and we want to exploit the biggest opening possible, balcony doors are advisable, bellows or otherwise harmonica type, thanks to which we can have an unobstructed opening of many meters.

As far as the windows are concerned, you should decide in advance whether and which you want to be of one or two leaves, fixed or opening-tilt or just tilt, depending on the space you have, the furniture you want to place next to the openings etc.

We recommend that you visit us before completing the masonry of the building to review the options you have regarding windows and doors, to discuss them together and then finish the walls, creating openings that will best serve you.


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