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SITRA created Series 300 with the intention to construct windows and doors based on the national Norms and Regulations for faultless operation, by selecting a combination of materials which we have named “Basic Window or Door”. At the same time, we made sure that this combination of materials is of top quality on the one hand, but can be offered in an extremely low price, on the other hand.

Through a wide range of materials that compose this window or door, such as different types of timber, fittings, glass panels etc, we have chosen those that create a window or door that coves the most the demands of KENAK (Regulation on the Energy Performance of Buildings) and those of the average customer.

The basic model of windows and doors can be modified according to your wishes, thus increasing or reducing the price, e.g.:

- Type of timber, e.g. you can choose Oak instead of Meranti. (See more on Timber)

- Varnishes, e.g. you can choose the 4-coat Industrial Coat instead of the 6-coat Top Coat series. (See more on Varnishes)

- Fittings, e.g. you can choose the more cost effective Basic Security Level, tilting on both leaves etc., instead of Security Level 1 (See more on Fittings)

 - Glass panels, depending on the degree of thermal insulation, sound insulation, security, you can choose e.g. from 4/15/4 to 3/3-15-4 Triplex, Sunergy glasses, Low-E, Plus 60, specific requirement glasses with 2 gaps etc. (See more on Glass Panels)

In accordance with this rationale, the accessories composing the Basic Window or Door of our choice can be changed according to your choice, and you may formulate its final cost.


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