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SITRA security entry doors are distinguished for their high aesthetics, in combination with the maximum security provision possible.


Entry door models, other modern and other traditional, have been designed in order to offer to your house the finesse it deserves. In collaboration with the people in charge of SITRA, you can make your own design, or combine some of ours with elements from two different entry doors or we may manufacture the entry door that suits you and your wishes.

Regardless of the design and the model, all SITRA entry doors offer 68mm thick, three-layer massif timber (68mm profile), a safety lock of five (5) adjustable movable points and three (3) fixed, double joints, heavy type hinges, double gaskets perimetrically and an aluminium or wooden threshold that seals your house from water and air.


In every design, there is the capacity to add an opening-tilt window or fixed glazing with triplex security glass (antivantal), decorative iron rail externally and sunscreen internally.

For large opening widths, each entry door can become double-leaf, double unequal or a side window with a similar design can be added.

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