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SITRA shutters are an aesthetic complement to windows and balcony doors, also providing shading and more safety. Manufactured with timber of two different thicknesses, 32 x 68 mm and 44 x 68 mm depending on the size of the leaves, and with four different profiles for paneled shutters (More in Technical Characteristics).

The fittings and butt hinges are selected depending on the construction from the range of ROTO fittings or stainless steel or French type.

The designs are made according to your wishes for the style and appearance of your house.

The designs of the shutters vary and in combination with the entry door, they offer a modern, classic or traditional style to your house.

The basic designs of shutters made by SITRA are the following:


- Design of Riveted type Z or with simple crossbars

- Paneled design, with a variety of type and panel designs.

         -- Retto Model (See design)

         -- Inclinatto Model (See design)

         -- Becco Model (See design)

         -- Barocco Model (See design)

- Design with leaves (French style, with louvers, in any combination with a panel)

- Design with Smile (in any combination with panel).

- Triple shutters, with two vertical and one horizontal leaf above, in any combination of the above designs.

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